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Hubz Smart Stores

Secure, smart, and versatile. The Hubz Smart Store can bring a modern unattended retail experience to your office, break-room, or building. The cooler is only accessible when a customer presents a payment option. With quick and easy checkout there's plenty of time to enjoy your purchases.

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Modern Micro Market

Convenience has never been so easy. Customers can pay with a wide array of cashless solutions. hubz coolers detect exactly what product your customer selects and informs them of their choice via an interactive touchscreen. 


Customers can pay, choose, and go faster than ever.

Smart Technology

Using load sensors, intelligent planograms, and algorithms the cooler knows what product is on the shelf and where it is located within the cooler. If a customer picks up a product and removes it from the cooler the cooler automatically adds it to your cart. If an item is placed back on the shelf it will similarly remove the product from your cart. If the item is placed incorrectly the display will notify you and ask you to return the item to its correct location.

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Secure Cashless Payment

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The Hubz Smart Store comes equipped with a modern card reader that accepts all major debit and credit cards, EMV, and NFC payments, and mobile payments.

The terminal displays the items you have removed from the cooler and adds them to your cart. The price and items are displayed each time an item is removed or placed back into the cooler. You are only charged when you complete the checkout process.

Product Versatility

The Hubz Smart Store is able to hold and sell just about any product. With adjustable shelving that is free from the traditional constraints of vending machine spirals  there are plenty of product options that people can enjoy. With a high efficiency cooling system, the cooler will keep snacks and drinks cold.

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