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Southern Vermont Vending was founded on the idea that convenience, technology, customer service, and local products will be large driving forces in the economy of more rural areas like Vermont. We aim to provide easy, fast, and reliable service to many different sectors where vending services might not have been thought of as an option before.

Our communities are only as strong as the investment we put back into them, to that end, Southern Vermont Vending is always looking to partner with local producers and vendors. We are committed to acquiring and selling as many local products as we can to provide a strong local food economy.

With today's Technology we are able to stock, vend, and sell just about any product under the sun conveniently and quickly.


Southern Vermont Vending is dedicated to providing new and modern services to clients across the Southern Vermont area. Utilizing new technology and untended services, we aim to make the modern break room a comfortable and easy place to acquire coffee, snacks, food, and other items.

We will work with you to choose and design a vending service that matches your needs. From machine size and type, to product choice and placement. There's something for everyone. Southern Vermont Vending offers a large array of healthy products, general goods, and typical snacks.


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